RIM & EMC partner for end of semester show at Tucker Theater

Alana Royale 860x280

EMC Students provided every aspect of video support for this year’s End of the Semester Show hosted in Tucker Theater on Monday April 27, 2015. The End of the Semester Show, or ESS for short, was a partnership built with live entertainment in mind between the Department of Electronic Media Communication and Recording Industry Department. EMC Professor Bob Gordon and RIM Professor Dan Pfeifer provided the support in EMC’s Mobile Production Lab, while EMC 4940: Video Technology students provided in house video content live to the LED Screens on stage. The students for Video Technology did the entire stage design for the video elements. A Barco High Resolution i6 wall was used for the center stage imagery, and lower resolution BB25mm was used for the six 15 foot tall columns. Students then designed all the content being sent to the wall.

Check out the Video of the Performance Below: