“Create Your Career” class helps avoid “failure to launch”

Create Your Career

Create Your Career is designed to help students connect what they have learned in their EMC educations with earning a living.

Create Your Career helps students prepare for the job market by strategically positioning and preparing themselves for their chosen marketplaces. Students will create tools to help them pursue the work they desire including personal brands, résumés, business cards, professional online presences, and portfolios of work samples.

Create Your Career helps students start preparing now for what they will do after graduation. The course begins by helping students take a serious look at what they think they want to do for a career. The career research assignment sheds light on the realities of their chosen directions – including discovering what employers are actually looking for, salaries, and availability of jobs. Students are challenged to consider what would be a good fit for their unique talents, skills, and temperaments. The course then examines the pros and cons of three different forms of employment: working as an employee in an established company, freelancing, and starting and running a small company. The fields of media arts are continuously undergoing massive disruption, and traditional jobs are often scarce. Yet, amid this disruption, there is tremendous opportunity. This course encourages students to identify and consider non-traditional as well as traditional career directions. Create Your Career helps prepare students to not only survive, but to thrive amid the realities of the marketplace.

Prerequisite: Candidacy in EMC department
This course works best for EMC students near graduation – particularly final-semester seniors.

Fall 2016
EMC 4800 001 – Seminar in Media Issues: Create Your Career
CRN 83311
Instructor: Professor Billy Pittard