New Course: Post Production I lays the foundation for filmmakers

Post Production I

This new course provides an introduction to the techniques and history of video post-production. Non-linear editing techniques and practice, as well as the history and theory of film/video editing, are explored. Topics of study include post-production workflow, video formats and compression, narrative and documentary storytelling, exporting, sound design, color correction, multi-cam editing, and motion graphics.

For students on the 2016-17 catalog, this course will be required for the Video and Film Production major, and will be a prerequisite for EMC 2130 – Single Cam I and EMC 2131 – Multi-Cam I.

This course is recommended for all Video and Film Production students on prior catalogs who plan to make post production a main part of their career paths.

A more advanced course in this topic EMC 4130 – Post Production II (formerly Advanced Production Editing) is also available.

Prerequisites: none for EMC majors, Permission of Dept. for non-majors

Fall 2016
EMC 1080 – Post Production I
CRNs 87138 and 87139
Instructor: Professor Allie Sultan