There’s a student organization for every EMC major

Student org fair 2016

The main hallway of the College of Media and Entertainment was abuzz last week with a fair and exposition of the student organizations affiliated with programs in the College. For the EMC department in particular, there is at least one student organization for every EMC major. The exposition was sponsored and organized by the MTSU ACM SIGGRAPH chapter of the world’s largest organization for computer graphics and interactivity.

Any student enrolled at MTSU may join any official MTSU student organization. One’s studies do not even need to relate to the organization, however, most student organizations naturally attract members whose major is relevant to the field.

Student organizations can provide valuable qualities to the university experience. Because student members decide among themselves how and what they want to do with their organizations, this provides opportunities that are not available in the curriculum. When students who share common interests get together, there is both camaraderie, and an opportunity to participate in activities that contribute to the educational experience. Many students use these opportunities to generate experience points for their resumes and content for their portfolios.

EMC-related student organizations:

ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter is one of only 20 official university chapters worldwide. It is part of the world’s largest organization for computer graphics and interactivity.


MTSU Film Guild is a group of student filmmakers dedicated to developing the skills necessary to pursue careers in the filmmaking industry.

MTSU Film Guild on Facebook

MTSU Cinema Club is an organization created to promote the art form of film from technical, artistic, and cultural aspects. Each week members will meet to watch a film and then discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and overall importance.

MTSU Cinema Club on Facebook

MT10 is MTSU’s student-run television station. MT10 gives students opportunities to work in production and management while operating a television station. Members have three types of opportunities for participation and involvement: 1) leadership as an officer or manager, 2) participation with the stations live news programs, and 3) participation with the stations entertainment programs.

MT10 on Facebook

MTSU Photo Society brings together the community of photography students, faculty, alumni, and local amateurs to share work, discuss issues in photography, connect with each other, and promote excellence in photography.

MTSU Photo Society on Facebook

MTSU Social Media Club aims to expand digital media literacy, share lessons learned, encourage adaption of industry standards, and promote ethical behavior in social media.

Social Media Club on Facebook

WMTS is MTSU’s student-run radio station. WMTS 88.3 FM is completely student operated, offering hands-on broadcasting experience, and giving students a voice throughout our community.

WMTS Website

VR/AR Club aims inform students of current developments within the field of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality while engaging them with the theory and practice of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in a multimedia landscape.

VR/AR Club website

Women in Film and Television MTSU seeks to educate, inspire, and encourage women to become leaders in the Film/TV and related media industries. We are open to interested people of all genders and majors.

Women in Film and Television MTSU website