Behind the Scenes: EMC Productions

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As MTSU Men’s Basketball team got ready for a game against Louisiana State, the EMC Productions team prepare to take on a challenge of their own. EMC Productions was hired by ESPN 3 to broadcast the game on January 28. Watch the video below for a special behind the scenes look at the fast paced and exciting world of EMC Productions as they cover the MTSU Men’s Basketball Team take on Louisiana Tech.

Here is a special look at the multi-imgresviewer interface the production team uses to compete. Billy Pittard says “The student crew works as hard as the athletes on the court to produce the live broadcast. The quality of their performance is just as visible and just as critical as the athletes…” The first 2 and a half minutes you will hear the team get organized for the big countdown, then they’re live!


EMC Productions is a student staffed, faculty managed production team led by Assistant Professor Bob Gordon. Students are assigned positions such as Director, Production Manager, Camera Operator, and more to broadcast the events they are hired for. EMC Productions have been hired by MT Athletics to produce selected Football and Men’s and Women’s Basketball games for Networks like ESPN 3, American Sports Network, and BeIN Sports.

Students learn the ins and outs of MTSU’s $1.75 million Mobile Production Lab to successfully broadcast each event. The truck uses 9 cameras, 7 instant replays, and state of the art graphics and stats. Check here for more information about EMC Productions.