Announcing a new freestanding Bachelor of Science degree in Interactive Media

BS in Interactive media

We are excited to announce that the Tennessee Higher Education Commission has approved the proposal to elevate MTSU’s New Media Communication concentration to a freestanding Bachelor of Science degree with the new name, Interactive Media. The new name and the new degree go into effect with the Fall 2017 semester and the 2017-18 catalog.

Students who are currently majoring in New Media Communication under prior catalogs have the option to switch to the 2017-18 catalog to graduate with the new B.S in Interactive Media degree. Otherwise they may stick with their current catalog requirements and graduate with a B.S. in Mass Communication and New Media Communication as their concentration. Any such catalog changes should be carefully explored with one’s academic advisor to make sure it does not complicate their plans to meet graduation requirements.

“I’m so excited about the direction our program has taken. We have developed a program that incorporates cutting edge technologies, media theory, and close connection to the tech industry in Middle Tennessee. Our students will get hands on, practical experience with new technologies already during their freshman term so that when they are in their senior year, they have the knowledge, experience, and contacts to make the most out of their internship experiences. Our goal is to help students gain the know-how and confidence in our ever changing technological landscape so that by the time they graduate they will become leaders and pioneers in the field of Interactive Media.” -Dr. Stephanie Dean, Program Coordinator for Interactive Media

Instructor and Engineer, Mike Forbes takes one of the VR systems in the Media Arts Lab for a test drive.

Instructor and Engineer, Mike Forbes takes one of the VR systems in the Media Arts Lab for a test drive.

Interactive Media is the most advanced form of communication yet implemented by mankind. All prior forms of media have come together with layers of interaction to give the viewer/consumer/user an active role in the content. The Internet, social media, video games, and apps are only the beginning. The stage is set for Interactive Media to positively affect essentially every human endeavor. MTSU’s Interactive Media program is designed to help students embrace this new world of possibilities with hands-on skills built on a foundation of concept and theory to not only succeed in this new field, but to help invent it.

This program was started in the year 2000 in recognition that the dimension of interactivity had created a new category of media. The program was originally called Digital Media Communication, and then was changed to New Media Communication. Over time, words like “digital” and “new media” have proven to be temporary, so the program sought a new name that was closer to the essence of the program and could stand the test of time. After much research and discussion, Interactive Media was chosen as the new name because interactivity is the key differentiating factor between this form of media and other major forms such as video, animation, photography, text, graphics, etc.