MTSU has a major presence at SIGGRAPH 2015, the world’s largest computer graphics conference

Left to right: Jared Moore, Caleb Hoskins, Jackie Vazquez, Kelsey Hoggard, Professor Marc Barr, Anthony Filipas, Cole Smeltzer, Angel Agee

Over twenty MTSU students, two MTSU professors and many alumni are organizing, attending, and participating at the 2015 SIGGRAPH Conference going on this week in Los Angeles, CA. It’s the perfect venue for students enrolled in MTSU’s Animation program to learn directly from movers and shakers in the industry.

MTSU’s own Professor Marc Barr is the SIGGRAPH 2015 Conference Chair. It is a great honor for our university that Professor Barr has been put in charge of this huge and important conference. Here is an official overview video of the conference from Professor Barr:

Seven MTSU students have been selected as official student volunteers working at the conference, and recent MTSU Animation graduate, Natalie Rountree is working as an official Leader for student volunteers.

MTSU Assistant Professor Kevin McNulty is serving as Education Committee member, Education Committee Booth Manager, and Curator for the 4th Annual Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit.

MTSU Animation Alumnus and Oscar winner, Mikki Rose, currently working at Blue Sky Studios is serving as Computer Animation Festival Program Chair for the Conference. Mikki is also an inductee of the Wall of Fame for our College.

MTSU Animation Alumnus, Mike Hardison, currently working at Blizzard Entertainment is serving as the Games Program Chair for the Conference.

MTSU has one of only twenty university SIGGRAPH chapters world wide. Student members gather to hear special presentations from industry leaders and participate in events such as this conference. For more information, contact faculty advisor Assistant Professor Kevin McNulty.

MTSU students Victor Chavez, Anthony Filipas, Caleb Hoskins and Cole Smeltzer pause for a snapshot outside the exhibit hall.

MTSU students Victor Chavez, Anthony Filipas, Caleb Hoskins and Cole Smeltzer pause for a snapshot outside the exhibit hall.

EMC class shoots documentary films in Athens, Greece

EMC class takes a break for a group shot at the Acropolis.

An EMC class of twelve students recently returned from Athens, Greece where they shot footage for three documentary films under the instruction of Professor Tom Neff. The students divided into three teams of four students each. Their assignment was to create a ten-minute documentary about a subject of their choice engaged in some sort of creative activity. After shooting for three weeks in Athens, the students returned to our campus where they will edit and complete their films.

Participating students can be seen in the photo above in front of the Acropolis. From left to right: Joshua Leedham, Christopher Snyder, Michael Patton, Sara Daily, Joseph Dempsey, Chad Cordell, Patrick Quinn, Patrick Murphy, Andrew Pigue, and Reid Miller.

Films in production:

1. Parkour City: Parkour is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. Panos is a coach, mentor, and friend to those that go to Athens Parkour Academy. By teaching Parkour to his students, Panos instills life values of a healthy body, mind and soul.

2. Martha Frintzila is a singer, actress, and teacher in the city of Athens. Surrounded by a team of her friends and family, she directs classes and performances at her studio Baumstrasse, fighting night and day to keep art alive.

3. Camillo is an artist who works in the air. Dancer, choreographer, circus performer, Camillo creates performances using the high wire and other acrobatics.

This class is the third installment of MTSU’s Signature Documentary Abroad program presented in conjunction with MTSU’s International Affairs office. The class was developed by Professor Tom Neff, who founded and served as the original CEO of The Documentary Channel. Previous class trips have been to Paris, France and Florence, Italy. Films from past classes have been selected for inclusion in film festivals nation-wide.

EMC First Look 2015 now viewable on Vimeo

Unboxing first look 860x280

On May 7, 2015 EMC rented Nashville’s Belcourt Theater for a screening of a sampling of the best EMC student work of the year. The screening consisted of a one hour and seventeen minute compilation of portions of those works. Now the compilation is available for full viewing as well as each of the twenty-five films sampled in the comp reel.

CLICK HERE to view any or all of the films.

Photo by Professor Jonathan Trundle.

Photo by Professor Jonathan Trundle.

EMC FIRST LOOK showcases the best student work of the year

First Look on screen 860x280

FIRST LOOK Facebook logoOn May 7 EMC took over Nashville’s Belcourt Theater for its third annual screening of a sampling of the best EMC student work of the year. More than one student commented on how wonderful it was to see the work on the big screen. The one hour and seventeen minute screening presented a sampling of the best video work of the year. Also shown on the big screen was a sampling of the best student photography of the year. An interactive display was also presented with a sampling of interactive media projects on mobile and desktop systems.

Attendance was estimated at somewhere between 250 and 300. Attendees included industry professionals, student and their families, faculty, and alumni. A catered reception immediately followed the event inside the theater and allowed many introductions to be mode.

Video work covered a broad sampling from the department including animation, short films, music videos, documentary films, broadcast journalism, and experimental works.

Photography samples included commercial, studio, artistic, photojournalism, and even a set of 3D photos.

The event is called FIRST LOOK because it is the media industry’s first look at the new talent coming out of MTSU.

The videos from the event will soon be published on Vimeo, and will be announced when available.

Students Will Messerschmidt, Felicia Chun, and Scotty Wright welcomed guests to the event.

Students Will Messerschmidt, Felicia Chun, and Scotty Wright welcomed guests to the event.

View from the projection booth. All photos by Professor Jonathan Trundle.

View from the projection booth. All photos by Professor Jonathan Trundle.

RIM & EMC partner for end of semester show at Tucker Theater

Alana Royale 860x280

EMC Students provided every aspect of video support for this year’s End of the Semester Show hosted in Tucker Theater on Monday April 27, 2015. The End of the Semester Show, or ESS for short, was a partnership built with live entertainment in mind between the Department of Electronic Media Communication and Recording Industry Department. EMC Professor Bob Gordon and RIM Professor Dan Pfeifer provided the support in EMC’s Mobile Production Lab, while EMC 4940: Video Technology students provided in house video content live to the LED Screens on stage. The students for Video Technology did the entire stage design for the video elements. A Barco High Resolution i6 wall was used for the center stage imagery, and lower resolution BB25mm was used for the six 15 foot tall columns. Students then designed all the content being sent to the wall.

Check out the Video of the Performance Below:

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