Explore Media Arts


There has never been a more exciting time to create media. The possibilities are literally endless – and the future is now. The Media Arts Department at Middle Tennessee State University has the facilities, faculty, and curriculum to help students launch careers in virtually every form of digital media.

Media Arts’ five programs:

Explore our facilities

Media Arts students get lots of hands-on experience with professional-quality facilities. Our facilities include a 40-foot mobile production lab used to teach live event TV productions such as sporting events and concerts. We have three HD video production studios, a student television station, a student radio station, a 100,000-watt public radio station, as well as classrooms and labs equipped to teach animation, video editing, audio production, photography, new media, and more.

Explore our curriculum

The curriculum for our majors is designed to help students develop the hands-on skills that launch careers and the critical thinking skills that can turn those careers into rewarding life-long adventures. Our students reap long-term benefits from a well-balanced education that can only come from a four-year university.

Meet our faculty

Our faculty and staff blend academic rigor with deep professional expertise to provide outstanding learning experiences for our students. Our mantels may be adorned with awards and accolades, but our greatest reward is always the success of our students.

Beyond the curriculum

To round out our students’ university experience, we offer a variety of discipline-specific extra-curricular activities, including student-run media organizations, forums, workshops, and even our own varsity team called Media Arts Productions.

Located a few miles southeast of Nashville, our ties to the entertainment and media industry provide unique opportunities to our students and alumni.

Our secret weapon

Our secret weapon is fun. It’s hard to not have a good time making movies, broadcasting sports, making animations, shooting photos, and building websites and apps. But fun is serious business too. Students learn best when the work is interesting – and that’s where the fun pays off in dividends. There is nothing more fun and rewarding than when like-minded people work together to produce something amazing. Like the old saying goes: if you find something you love, it will never feel like work.

Student success

Media Arts students are known for their skills, work ethic, and enthusiasm. We couldn’t be more proud of the accolades they earn. Here are some recent highlights:

* Best student-produced sports broadcast in the nation, Sports Video Association

* Best student film in the nation, Broadcast Education Association’s Media Arts Festival

* Second place in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation College Television Awards

For questions, further information about our programs, or to request a campus visit, please contact us.